VHRE-A -V-Groove High Roller Eccentric

2D Drawings

VHRE-150-A 2D CAD Drawing

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Roller O.D. A 1.500
V-Groove Point V 1.125
Roller B1 0.781
V-Groove Center U 0.391
Stud Length D 1.000
Thread Length E 0.500
Thread Class 2A F 7/16-20
Eccentric Sleeve Length L 0.500
Eccentric Sleeve Diameter M 0.625
Eccentric Offset N 0.030
Endplate Diameter P 0.750
Endplate Stickout S 0.031
Basic Dynamic Rating (lbf) 630
Dynamic Thrust Load (lbf) 140
Max Static Capacity (lbf) 230
Ball(BB) or Tapered(TRB) Roller Bearing BB

**Clamping torque is based on lubricated threads, if threads are dry, double the value listed