Carter Cam Followers and Cam Yoke Rollers are packed with a polymer type, lithium based grease containing corrosion resistant additives. This lubricant is suited to most bearing applications within a temperature range of 0°F to 250°F. Relubrication of the cam yoke rollers can be done through oil holes and the oil groove in the bore of the inner race. The mounting pin or shaft should be axially drilled and a radial hole drilled and matched with the hole in the race.

Provision for lubrication of the cam followers should be provided, where dimensions allow, through either end of the stud or through a cross drilled hole in the shank. The ends are counterbored to accept drive type lubrication fittings (not furnished). Each cam follower is supplied with grease plugs and these should be press fit into unused holes in the end of the stud. We recommend that, when not used, the radial cross hole should be plugged before installing the bearing in the mounting hole.

The following drive type fittings are recommended for lubrication of the CNB type cam followers:

CNB - 1/2" to 11/16" - 1/8" Alemite No. 3019 (Roller end only on these sizes.)

CNB - 3/4" to 2" - Alemite No.'s 1728-B, 4633, 1645-B, 3005, 3006, 3009, 3012-B

CNB - 2-1/4" to 2-3/4" - Alemite No.'s 1743 or 1743-B

Mounting Cam Yoke Rollers

The recommended shaft diameters shown in the Selector Chart provide for either a slip or press fit. The shaft should be heat treated and press fit in the bearing bore for heavily loaded applications.

With moderate loads and a hardened shaft, a slip fit is sufficient. A slip or push fit and an unhardened shaft can be used in light load applications.

Endwise clamping of the cam yoke rollers should be provided to prevent axial movement and displacement of the end washer. A flat housing shoulder, which is square with the centerline of the bearing, should be provided for holding the washer. This should be at least as large as the minimum clamping diameter shown in the chart to provide adequate washer support. For detailed mounting information with images, click here.

Sealed with Slotted Head

Type CNB-S is the Standard Type having a slotted head which normally supplies sufficient turning ability for installing this type of bearing.

Sealed with Hexagonal Socket

Type CNB-SB provides the ease of installing with a hex wrench which may be desired particularly on the larger sizes.

Sealed with Crowned O.D.

Type CCNB-S is recommended wherever variations in dimensions of alignment of the tracks or cam might cause excessive angular loading. It reduces thrust on the rollers and wear, and aids reliability.

Eccentric Stud

Type CNBE is designed for applications where holding close tolerances of the mounting holes may prove difficult. Available in slotted or hexed versions. The eccentric bushing is made of cold drawn steel so you can drill or dowel through the housing and into the stud for permanent locking. In most cases, the clamping action of the mounting nut is sufficient.